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Proposed Location
909 Frontage Road
Lake Stevens, WA 

Lake Stevens currently has a limit on the amount of cannabis stores allowed in the city limits.  We feel that they should allow for more stores and in return allowing for more competition among its cannabis purveyors.  We also feel that competition is the best way to ensure the residents of Lake Stevens have access to the most compliant, friendly, and successful retail cannabis stores possible.  Please read the details below to find out how you can help The Joint get this store up and running.

Washington state voters approved Initiative Measure No. 502 (l-502) November 6, 2012 to legalize the production, processing, sale and use of marijuana and marijuana products, purchased from state licensed stores. The Liquor and Cannabis Board (AKA Liquor Control Board) prepared state rules to implement I- 502 as Chapter 314-55 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). The state has enacted several amendments since its initial adoption. Council analyzed relevant legal opinions, the community’s voting record, the Planning Commission’s recommendation and other implementing codes. During its legislative review, City Council considered the scope of regulations, protection of parks and schools, facility separation, market saturation, size restrictions and outright prohibition. The Lake Stevens City Council adopted local regulations to control the siting and administration of marijuana facilities and uses on February 10, 2014. City Council amended the city’s rules on May 10, 2016 following a public process covering modified definitions, changes in medical marijuana standards and revisions to production and processing facilities – there was no change to the number of allowed retail locations.

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To whom it may concern,

I’m attaching multiple templates for you to look at and see what works best for you (they are very short). If you would please copy and paste all of the attached council members and then copy and paste whatever letter you like that would be great. If you need another option shoot me a text (425-377-4301) or email and I will create another template. Feel free to tweak the template and make it your own.
Shaun and I appreciate you helping with this so much!
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